CMC Volunteer of the Year Award

This prestigious award recognizes the outstanding achievement of an individual volunteer who has served the publishing industry in Canada by advancing audience development practices. 

Who’s eligible? Audience developers who:

  • have been active in the area of advancing knowledge of audience development in the Canadian publishing industry throughout 2015
  • have not received remuneration for their volunteer work
  • did not perform the service as part of their regular business and professional duties.

How to nominate someone

If you know of an industry professional working in the area of audience development, whom you feel is deserving of this award, please submit a nomination by email to the address below.

DEADLINE: May 16, 2016.

Each nomination should include the following:

  • nominee’s name and contact details
  • a summary of how they advanced audience development for the publishing industry in Canada
  • nominator’s name, contact details and professional relationship with nominee.

All nominations will be reviewed by a sub-committee of at least three CMC Directors or appointed designates, and will be kept confidential. The sub-committee reserves the right to contact a nominator to clarify details.   

Ron Sellwood -

Award presentation

The award will be presented as part of the upcoming Magnet Conference. The CMC will summarize the recipient’s contributions to the Canadian publishing industry throughout 2015 with a cash prize of $300.