CMC Scholarship

Formerly known as the Caren King Scholarship Award, the CMC Scholarship Award recognizes an individual’s initiative and achievement, and encourages further professional development.

This year's winner will receive …

  • An all-exclusive passport to Magnet, Canada’s Magazine Conference, that includes all lunches
  • Choose from over 30 essential sessions led by top-notch professionals from across the country and around the world.
  • Take in the secrets from some of the best in the business.
  • Your winning application will give you a chance to keep up with current industry trends, that would include leveraging Facebook.
  • Find out about the state of retail and newsstands and how you can make metrics magazines work
  • Get more in-depth knowledge on the business of podcasting, plus current best practices for digital transformation
  • As well, Magnet offers endless networking opportunities to expand your circle of industry professionals. In fact, many past winners of the CMC Scholarship are now our industry leaders.

The ways in which this award can help you develop your professional skills are endless!

Apply here

DEADLINE: March 27, 2017.

Online 2017 CMC Scholarship Application

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Additional application support materials

For more information, or to submit supporting materials for your application, contact Ron Sellwood at


Whether you are a 20-year veteran or just starting out in direct mail, retention or retail, the CMC Scholarship Award can help you improve your skill set, learn more about audience development, and build your network.

Past Scholarship Winners

Eithne McCreadie, 1989
Janice Lanigan, 1990
Mindy Tenenbaum, 1991
Anne Yendall, 1992
Saundra Dobroski, 1993
Bridget Saunders, 1994
Barb McKenzie, 1995
Kate MacDougall, 1996
Sarah Lank, 1997
Wayne Leek, 1998
Ines Morcillo, 2000
Gino Auddino, 2001
Dinah Laprairrie, 2002
Julie Shreve, 2003
Kim Rattray, 2004
Tuppy Blair, 2005
Zenalyn Habito, 2006
Chris Ellis, 2007
Danielle Chartier, 2008
Kate Mills, 2009
Sharlene Clarke, 2010
Amanda Beattie, 2011
Olena Dingeldein, 2012
Louay Kanafani, 2013
Kathryn Eves, 2014
Steve Rosling, 2015
Fiona Wong, 2016